Best Trampoline Reviews Guide

One of the most enjoyable ways to get out and get some exercise is to go bounding into the air on a good trampoline. It is a pastime loved by kids and adults alike, so much so that trampolines are commonplace in almost every backyard in America.

Finding a fun and safe trampoline that will last you and your family a lifetime, however, can require a little bit of searching.

In this guide, we will look at the best trampoline brands, trampoline reviews, and various tips and factors you will want to consider to find the best trampoline that anyone has ever had the chance to bounce on.

Our Recommended Top 10 Trampolines

What is a Trampoline?

What is a Trampoline? A trampoline consists of a mat of vinyl (usually either circle or square though other shapes are not uncommon) that is attached to metal frame via a number of stiff springs. When a person jumps on the mat, potential energy is stored in the springs then converted back to kinetic energy, causing the person to accelerate upward.

Trampolines can come in a variety of different sizes and can be used for an equally various amount of purposes, ranging from recreation to exercise to gymnastics training. Trampolines may also come with accessories such as a safety net to keep the jumper from falling off or a ladder to help you get up onto the mat.

Different Types of Trampolines Available

Recreational Trampolines

Recreational TrampolinesWhen shopping for a trampoline, most of the time, you are shopping for a recreational trampoline. These are the ones you put in your back yard for conventional use and are filled with the old childhood memories.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate for almost all requirements of weight and usage due to being appealing for a diverse market.

They can be used for many purposes other than just recreation, like lightweight training and aerobic exercise although they are only branded as recreational use trampolines, and for the most part, that is what they should be used for. We also use it to get ready for skiing season every year!

Best Rectangle Recreational Trampolines

Mini Trampolines

Mini Trampolines

Mini Trampolines, often called rebounders, are small, compact trampolines that are perfect for a cardio workout. They are small enough to be used inside and stored in the closet or under the bed when not in use.

Due to their low impact springs and design, you can use them without worrying about damaging your joints due to excessive use.

They are relatively inexpensive; so adding this to your workout routine isn’t a costly endeavor, and they even improve your balance and coordination.

Best Mini Trampolines

Kids TrampolineKids Trampolines

Kids Trampolines come in all different sizes and shapes, but are mainly for one main purpose, the safety of young children that aren’t ready for a full size trampoline.

They vary with size and complexity due to the age group they are focused at, but they can be something as simple as a small rebounder with a bar on it for young kids to jump on, or a five to seven foot conventional trampoline with extra strong safety net and locking enclosure.

Best Kids Trampolines

Competitive Trampolines

Competitive TrampolinesCompetitive trampolines are typically professional level trampolines and consequently, have a price tag that coincides with that professional quality, having a price of upwards of ten thousand dollars.

The jumping pad is generally lighter and more like a net, providing a much harder upward force and allowing for higher heights. Because of these higher heights, thicker padding is supplied around the perimeter of the trampoline to protect against injuries.

Professional trampolines are often too large for backyards, so the best option is to use one under the supervision of your local gym.

Best Competitive Trampolines

Water Trampolines

Water TrampolinesWater Trampolines are inflatable jump pads that can be anchored in a lake or large pond for swimming and jumping enjoyment. They vary in size, and can be quite large and connected to other inflatables, like slides or other trampolines, to create a water gym.

They are durable and can be used by multiple people at one time. Unlike other trampolines, you actually want to jump off this one. There are no guardrails or walls; the point is to jump high off of the trampoline into the water below. Using the attached rope ladder to climb back up, the fun continues for as long as you have it inflated.

How to Choose the Correct Water Trampoline or Bounce Pad

Best Trampoline Reviews Guide

Our Top Ten Best Trampoline Brands

Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker trampolines are one of the top rated trampoline brands out there. They cost more than a lot of brands, but it’s definitely worth paying extra for many reasons. First off, many of the Skywalker Trampoline reviews mention that it the attention the company gives their product on safety.

Their trampoline has a built in net for the outside that makes sure any customer that decides to jump on the trampoline cannot fall off. Another reason to purchase a Skywalker Trampoline would be they are a completely trustworthy company, considering the fact that they have been in business for thirty-five years, and are still at the top of most lists.

That being said, not only the number of years they’ve been in business proves that they are a trustworthy brand, but the number of great Skywalker Trampoline reviews prove that point as well. This brand also offers a wider variety of models, giving you tons of choices that many companies fail to have.

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Springfree Trampolines

Springfree Trampolines are also a top rated brand when it comes to the trampoline industry. They are very safe as well, and offer many shapes and sizes to aid you in the decision making process of picking out the best one for you.

In addition to the amount of safety precautions taken to ensure you stay inside of the net given that comes with their product, they also took the liberty of making the trampoline without the pesky abundance of springs that can hurt if you get caught in one.

The Springfree trampolines are built with an industrial, long-lasting construction that provides you with an enjoyable, fun jump that will last for a very long time. Examples of the shapes that Springfree offers would be square, oval, and circular.

Depending on your use for purchasing your trampoline, whether it be for gymnastics, for getting fit, or even just to say you have the best backyard trampoline, Springfree has it all. In addition to the facts, even just looking up Springfree reviews and viewing how many good things people have to say about the brand, you can tell that purchasing from this brand would not disappoint you.

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Airzone are of the top rated on outdoor trampoline reviews. This trampoline is used primarily by teens and young adults.

One of the reasons that they are so good for outdoor use is because they are owned and manufactured by Bravo Sports, which is a company that makes tons of different products, allowing you to have more options of products, This benefits you by making sure that you have the opportunity to find the trampoline that meets all of your criteria, and maybe even more than that.

Airzone trampolines are trustworthy when it comes to meeting the standards of safety regulations because they are tested in an independent laboratory. Because they are tested in a more isolated laboratory, you know that they work correctly, because they have been tested fully to keep the customers not only safe, but satisfied. Airzone trampoline reviews are very good, emphasizing that many people have used them, and are worth the purchase.

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Pure fun

The Pure Fun brand mainly focuses on the production of playground equipment and manufacturing trampolines. This brand is known for being a part of the Pure Global Brands Incoorperated, and has earned a much deserved reputation of producing long-lasting trampolines, and gives a variety of shapes and sizes to pick from.

They earned this reputation by being in business for a long time. These trampolines are particularly just made to have fun on and enjoy the thrill of being able to bounce as high as you for however long you want to jump.

Because they are made to be used by younger aged kids, you want to make sure that they are super safe and will hold together easily. The amount of good Pure Fun reviews that speak positively about the trampoline should be enough to convince you, but if that doesn’t, then the fact that it is tested independently, ensuring that the product meets all of the safety requirements necessary, with some extra precautions.

Pure Fun offers a variety of sizes, including a trampoline made for one, or a trampoline that can hold many. You also have the choice to include a safety net in your purchase, just to add an extra safeguard. Pure Fun makes such a variety of trampolines, that really any age can use one, depending on the model you choose to purchase.

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Ultega trampolines are famous for the sturdy base and legs provided make certain that it will hold up under the weight of most jumpers. These trampoline ratings are extremely high, and most ultega trampoline reviews say that it is one of the best backyard trampolines a person could get.

Its known for being solid, and also known for how much fun it is. When Ultega trampoline prices are compared to others, it is very inexpensive, but still guarantees a good time. Its very easy to assemble if you are unable to have the seller of the product come to you house and assemble it for you, only taking two people to get the task done.

It can be used by ages as young as three, to however long your health allows you to. If you find anything wrong with your purchase, which doesn’t happen often, the company is very easy going and will do anything to make sure that their customers are satisfied and safe.

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Upper Bounce

Upper bounce trampolines are sure to meet your safety requirements. The mats used in these trampolines are super durable, they incorporate safety pads that will keep the jumper from falling on the frame, and some also include very high quality safety enclosures.

All of the characteristics included within some of the models of Upper Bounce try their hardest to prevent you or your family from getting into harms way. Upper bounce is a trademark of King Service Holding, Incorporated, which means that they are tested in order to keep the customer happy.

Most are easy to assemble, with poles that are simple to detach when the weather decides to get cold. They also sell trampoline covers separately to try and protect your trampoline, which helps decrease the wear and tear damage, and helps you keep your trampoline for as long as you can.

Upper Bounce reviews are almost nothing but good things about their safety, durability, and amount of fun they are.

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Jumpking trampolines are made with incredibly high quality materials that leave every person that buys their brand of trampoline satisfied. The main buyers of this product is mainly for backyard use for your family.

Jumpking reviews are all good, and most talk about how wonderful they are for children. They are a five star, top rated trampoline, and are without a doubt one of the best trampolines for smaller children and families.

They offer many choices of sizes in order to accommodate you in the best way possible. They are simple to assemble, and offer a safety enclosure as well, which makes sure that any young child will not fall off.

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Bounce Pro

Bounce Pro reviews are very positive, especially when rating the safety precautions taken to keep the jumper from getting injured. Made out of the highest quality of materials, Bounce Pro makes sure that you are given a sturdy trampoline, as well as a price that is very affordable.

The material that the trampoline is made out of is trustworthy, and the best thing about this product is that it meets all of your safety requirements. Because of the well-built frame and mat, keeping your trampoline around for a long time should be no problem at all. This trampoline is best compliant with older children and adults.

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his brand has a reputation of selling great, reliable, products with an almost guarantee of durability. They are known for having the best trampolines out there, and they always make sure to include the importance of safety.

JumpSport reviews are all very good, and make sure to include the fact that the trampolines are very long-lasting. JumpSport offers many types of trampolines, so anyone can find on that fits their needs.

The padding is very easy on the jumper’s body, ensuring that if you ever bounce off the mat and onto the padding it won’t send a lot of shock up your body. This trampoline has a great warranty, isn’t too costly, and is very safe.

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This trampoline is one of the best trampolines a person could find. It includes many safety features, examples being a safety net, and some even offer a ladder. It is top rated for comfort, rust resistant, being very sturdy, and high-quality padding. It is fun to jump on, all while ensuring that you are safe.

The structure is completely solid, and very durable. Because of the durability, you are sure to never have problems with the legs bending or stability. The price range is a little higher than most, but considering the comfort and safety, the cost is reasonable.

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Factors To Consider When Buying Trampolines

Trampoline sizeTrampoline Size

The first factor to consider when searching through the top rated trampolines is how big you want your trampoline to be. First, think of how many people will be using it at one time. You will also want to take into account where you will be setting it up and what you will be using it for.

An indoor exercise trampoline is obviously going to be much smaller than a backyard recreational trampoline. One last factor to keep in mind is that smaller trampolines provide more bounce than a larger trampoline, since there is less surface area to distribute the energy through.

Trampoline ShapesTrampoline Shapes

Most trampolines will either be square or round, with round being even more common, but there are other shapes such as oval and octagonal available as well. For the most part, trampoline shape is really a personal preference. The best quality trampoline may be square or round, or anything in-between.

There are, however, a few differences between how the shapes perform. Circular trampolines provide a softer, slower bounce that causes less shock to the jumper, but square trampolines provide a firmer bounce and more lift. Oval trampolines fall in the middle of these two.

Trampoline safetyTrampoline Safety

The safety of your trampoline is critically important. Serious trampoline related injuries are not all that common, but anytime you’re jumping up and down on a platform that is already elevated as it is, there is a risk.

To reduce this risk, look for a trampoline that is made of quality material that will not compromise when you are jumping. Search for a durable frame, springs, and mat to ensure that nothing breaks down while you are jumping.

Also look for thick, quality padding that covers the springs so that you don’t accidently hit them while jumping. Finally, consider buying a trampoline with a safety net. Most every trampoline injury is caused by falling off of the trampoline, and a safety net can keep this from happening.

Trampoline SpringsTrampoline Springs

There is a lot to consider when looking at the springs that a trampoline comes equipped with. The first thing is to look at how many springs there are. Even more important, however, is how durable the springs that are used are.

Poor quality springs can wear down over time or rust, causing the usability of your trampoline to decrease and also presenting a potential safety hazard. Look for trampolines that are equipped with plenty of durable, rust resistant springs.

There is, however, also the option of purchasing a trampoline that doesn’t have any springs at all. This relatively new design is more expensive than a normal trampoline, but since you don’t have to ever worry about replacing the springs or falling through the gaps created between the springs and the mat, no-spring trampolines are worth considering.

Springfree vs. Spring-Based Trampolines

Best Trampoline Reviews Guide

Indoor vs OutdoorIndoor vs Outdoor

Obviously, the biggest difference between an indoor and outdoor trampoline is the size. Smaller, individual trampolines can easily be used indoors, and, if you have got the room, really any trampoline can be placed indoors. In order to be placed outdoors, however, the trampoline has to be able to withstand the elements.

The frame and springs must be rust-resistant, and padding and mat must be able to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, rain, and snow. Decide first where you want to put your trampoline then find a trampoline that is best suited for that environment.

Frame Quality and ConstructionFrame Quality and Construction

The frame of the trampoline is what supports everything, so you will definitely want it to be quite sturdy. Along with sturdiness, also look for a frame that does not have any sharp edges exposed. Lastly, since you will likely have to assemble the trampoline yourself, find a trampoline whose frame is easy to assemble and dissemble at will.

Weight LimitWeight Limit

How much weight a trampoline can support is dependent on a number of factors, but it usually clearly stated by the manufacturer. To avoid the risk of injury and the risk of destroying your investment, you will always want to stay under the specified weight limit.

Before you buy a trampoline, consider the amount and size of the people who will be using it at any given time and use that to gauge how large the weight limit needs to be on the trampoline you purchase.

Quality of the PaddingQuality of the Padding

The best quality trampolines always come with excellent padding in order to keep you from accidently having a leg fall through the gaps between the trampoline mat and springs.

This is one of the most common ways people injure themselves while jumping on a trampoline, however, good, thick padding that fully covers the springs can prevent this from happening.

Quality of the PaddingTrampoline Accessories

The most important accessory that a trampoline can come with is a safety net. Especially if the trampoline is to be used by small children, a safety net is invaluable and can effectively prevent the vast majority of would-be accidents.

Trampolines may also come with a ladder to help you get up onto the mat and other fun accessories such as a detachable basketball hoop.

Top 10 Rated Trampoline Reviews

Skywalker Trampolines 15’ Round

Skywalker Trampolines 15-Feet Round

With its classic round shape, this Skywalker is one of the most popular models on the market. At 15 feet, it provides plenty of room for activities without being so large as to require a huge backyard to use. The frame is composed of 6 galvanized steel W-legs, so it has plenty of contact points with the ground.

Combined with the sturdy T-sockets that connect the enclosure frame to the base, this makes it very stable and prevents the twisting strain characteristic of cheaper models which will, over time, weaken the welds until the whole thing collapses.

The padding is good quality, as is the net, which connects to the padding in such a way that there aren’t gaps in which to get a leg caught. The only real drawback of this trampoline is its comparatively low weight limit of 200 lbs., but for 1-2 small children 200 should be plenty.

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JumpSport Elite 12' Round

JumpSport Elite 12' Trampoline

The JumpSport Elite 12 foot is the standard against which the rest of the mid-sized round trampoline market is compared. Its size is perfect for the average backyard without taking up every square foot of green space. Its frame is made of galvanized, rust-resistant steel which has been powder coated a dark blue to further resist corrosion.

The padding is an excellent high-density foam that completely covers the springs. The frame is, unfortunately, composed of only 3 W legs, though most of the stability lost by having fewer contact points is made up for with heavier gauge steel and tighter joints.

The safety enclosure is very durable, with uprights integrated into the support frame and a high quality net that fastens securely to the padding to ensure that the springs stay well away from an errant jumper’s toes. Overall, this is an excellent mid-size trampoline that is sure to stand up to many years of use.

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Upper Bounce 15’ Rectangular

Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline

Upper Bounce makes quality trampolines, and this is no exception. With its rectangular shape, this model provides a higher bounce and greater accessibility than traditional round designs, making it perfect for gymnastics and cheerleading practice.

The frame is composed of 4 U legs made of heavy duty steel which has been powder coated black to prevent rust. While four legs might be sparse support for a round trampoline of similar size, stability isn’t as much of a problem with rectangular models due to the fact that they can only tilt in four directions.

The jumping mat is of sturdy construction, with 8-row stitching to prevent tearing even after considerable wear. The safety enclosure includes a simple net, but with Upper Bounce’s Top Flex design the upper half of each upright is slightly curved, allowing the supports to flex and better distribute the stress of catching someone.

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ExacMe 15’ Combo Set

ExacMe 15’ Combo Set

The ExacMe 15’ round trampoline comes with a ladder. Technically it also comes with the safety pad and enclosure uprights and net, but the inclusion of a ladder is the only thing not usually seen with backyard trampolines.

The frame is composed of 6 W legs – a plus for stability when compared to 4 or 5 leg models, and is constructed with heavy duty galvanized steel to resist the elements. The safety enclosure is made up of 6 uprights which attach to the support frame and a basic net.

Unlike some pricier trampolines, the net secures to the outside edge of the padded cover, which means that while it will keep you from falling off it, you’ll have to rely on the padding to keep out of the springs. What really sets this model apart though is its weight rating, which is a best in class 375 lbs – almost double that of the average round trampoline.

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BouncePro 14’ Round

BouncePro 14’ Round

The BouncePro 14’ round trampoline includes the Electron Shooter game, which attaches to the enclosure ring. The trampoline frame is composed of galvanized steel tubing in the form of 6 W legs, meaning the unit won’t wobble under load.

The safety enclosure is a fairly standard net, although it does attach to the inside of the padding which is a plus for safety, but where it shines is in the design of its uprights.

The net support poles attach to the frame and curve inward toward the top such that the safety net is tensioned straight up from the connection points at the inside rim of the spring cover.

This allows the net to catch jumpers sooner than models with straight supports, and will reduce the likelihood of hitting the uprights when falling into the net. All of this adds up to a safer trampoline for the money.

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Skywalker 15’ Rectangle

Skywalker 15’ Rectangle

The Skywalker 15’ rectangular trampoline comes with the trampoline, safety padding, padded uprights, and safety net. The frame is composed of 4 U legs which are in turn made from galvanized steel.

This model includes Skywalker’s signature reinforce T-sockets, which lend the whole system added stability from the ground to the net and prevent structural torqueing. This model also has upgraded spring padding, which is extra wide and filled with 1-inch foam padding to insure against accidentally getting tangled up with the springs.

The safety enclosure is fairly standard for higher end models, made up of 8 padded, curved uprights and a net, with the net being made of high-quality PE which ensures that it will stand up to years of UV exposure and better resist tearing. The net attaches to the inside rim of the spring cover, which is another plus for safety.

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Pure Fun 12’ Round

Pure Fun 12’ Round

The Pure Fun 12’ round trampoline is an excellent choice for the average subdivision backyard. Its size makes it large enough for fun with more than one kid without being too large for even somewhat cramped yards. The frame is made up of 4 W legs made from galvanized, rust-resistant steel.

The legs are given a more pronounced curvature than your average frame, with smaller contact points which can dig in to soft surfaces somewhat. While this does add some stability, the number of legs is still a slight concern, though 8 contact points is more than some trampolines of similar size.

The construction method – T-jointing as opposed to welding – does add to the frame longevity, as there are no welds to weaken over time. The safety enclosure is basic, with straight, padded uprights and a simple net which attaches around the outside of the safety padding.

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Springfree 11’ Square

Springfree 11’ Square

Billed as the world’s safest trampoline, the springfree is, unsurprisingly, built without the use of springs. In their place are flexible fiberglass rods which hold the jump mat above the frame and provide the energy return to make people bounce.

The frame itself is made of four pairs of U legs, and is made from galvanized steel tubing which has been powder coated to withstand the elements. The safety enclosure is also novel.

The net is standard UV-resistant polypropylene, but in place of steel tubing uprights are bowed fiberglass rods which hold the net up and away from the center of the mat. At 11 feet square, this trampoline is decidedly mid-size, but its design – with the frame underneath and no perimeter springs – means you get the same play area with a smaller footprint, all of which translates to more options for placement.

The trampoline is rated for 250 pounds and comes with a basketball hoop and entry ladder.

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Springfree 10’ Round

Springfree 10’ Round

The innovative design of Springfree lends a novel look to their trampolines. With the mat and safety net suspended above the frame on white fiberglass rods, the whole system looks both new and familiar.

The frame for this model is made of the company-standard powder coated galvanized steel tubing, and the round model features 5 reinforced U legs which, unlike their square model, are tilted slightly out to add stability to the notoriously tipsy circular trampoline design.

The safety enclosure is made of bowed fiberglass poles which support a polypropylene net. The absence of springs allows the net to attach directly to the mat, creating a closed system in which you can jump with no fear of falling out or getting a toe caught in a spring.

Like the square model, the 10’ round comes standard with an attachable basketball hoop and entry step ladder.

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AlleyOop DoubleBounce

AlleyOop DoubleBounce

This is perhaps the most complex feat of trampoline engineering currently available to the public. Your average trampoline has a jump mat connected to a frame by a circle of springs. The AlleyOop, however, has doubled all that, meaning you can adjust the trampoline’s resistance.

This allows the most accident prone child to jump, as it can be adjusted until it is about as bouncy as a box of Styrofoam peanuts. As your child grows more coordinated, the resistance can be increased, allowing this trampoline to grow as your family grows.

The rest of the design is fairly familiar, featuring 4 W legs made from galvanized steel and a safety enclosure with straight padded uprights and UV resistant netting. The greatest concern with this trampoline is, of course, durability.

As you add moving parts you add maintenance, and the DoubleBounce has double the moving parts of a traditional trampoline. However, for the versatility it provides, the AlleyOop is well worth considering.

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Best Trampolines For Adults

Trampolines provide many health benefits to people of all ages. Everyone can benefit from using a trampoline, but this is especially true of adults. Trampolines provide things like improved balance, hand-eye coordination, and an overall workout.

Best Trampolines For AdultsThe best trampolines for adults are one with longer springs supporting the jumping mat because they stretch farther, and can support more weight, allowing for higher jumps, but also limiting the strain on the knees, ankles and hips of those jumping.

Trampolines like the Kidwise Magic Circle trampoline have a high weight limit, allowing you to jump carefree without worrying about exceeding the ratings for the springs.

Adult Trampolines are often manufactured to be high durability and heavy-duty trampolines due to the nature of supporting adults, which weigh more and provide a higher strain than kids.

Many trampolines are made of high quality galvanized steel, which is commonly used in buildings and structures that need to withstand the test of time. However, the ability to support more weight does not compromise the ease of setup that is expected.

The Upper Bounce Rectangular trampoline is an excellent example of this. It advertises the ease of setup and that no special tools are required. The best trampoline for adults is a close race, but another definite contender is the Skywalker Rectangular trampoline.

It is manufactured to provide one of the highest lifts available on the market. This makes it the perfect choice for gymnasts, and athletes, and also providing some family fun.

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Best Kids Trampolines

Kids have plenty of excess energy, so choosing the best trampoline for kids is a great way to get them active. Small trampolines provide a perfect outlet for young kids to burn their energy in a manner that also builds muscle and improves their balance.

Best Kids TrampolinesMini trampoline for kids are an excellent stepping stone for athleticism and improving general health for years to come. For really young kids, the Little Tikes trampoline is an excellent choice. It’s designed for indoor use and is a small trampoline for kids to stay safe and burn off energy.

It has a bar attached for them to hold onto for stability, and help them remain standing. For a toddler trampoline, you can look into Bazoongi Bouncer trampoline. It’s slightly bigger, and provides the excellent way for younger kids to stay safe and still have fun.

While the previous two mentioned don’t have them, kids trampolines with enclosure are readily available on the market, and one worth looking into is the Skywalker Seaside Adventure Bouncer. It is a small indoor enclosed trampoline for kids who want a little more bounce while still being safe.

The arched net will keep kids stable and safe while they jump and are entertained by the large colorful animal pictures. There are many options for a kid trampolines, but these mentioned are good starting ones for younger kids to improve their motor skills and burn off energy.

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Tips on Choosing the Best Trampoline

Tips on choosing trampoline

  • Decide on the Purpose of Your Trampoline
The first step in buying a trampoline is to decide what the primary intentions of the trampoline are. Discuss whether you, as an adult, is the person who will be using it, or if it is for children. Decide whether you plan to use it for fun, or if the trampoline will be used for training purposes, and decide the general size and shape of trampoline you are looking for.
  • Spring Count and Length is Really Important
Pay attention to the number of springs and the length of those springs when you are buying a trampoline. Trampolines can vary on the number of springs, and it makes quite a big difference in performance of the unit. The more springs you have, the higher it will propel you into the air. The same goes for spring length. The longer the springs, the more force they can use to push you upwards.
  • Look for Quality Materials and sufficient padding
Different brands are constructed different ways, and sometimes it’s worth the extra money for a quality unit. Some trampolines come with UV resistant jumping mats, which is needed if you plan to leave your trampoline out. This will ensure the mat doesn’t dry out and crack due to the sunlight.
  • Look for Safety Accessories
Consider looking into safety devices when buying a trampoline. Most units come with, or offer a safety net to surround the trampoline to prevent jumpers from flying off and injuring themselves. Also, look into installing a ladder on the trampoline, whether it’s a homemade one or one offered by the manufacturer. Ladders make it easier for all users to get on and off of the trampoline. Along with this, you can buy anchors for the trampoline to prevent it from moving and sliding on the ground while being used, or from blowing away during high winds or storms.

Trampoline FAQ

Trampolines FAQ

Q: How long do trampolines last and how do I make my trampoline last longer?

A: Trampoline mats are typically the first things to go and the leading cause of early replacement is due to being out in the sunlight all the time. UV protected mats provide a little more protection to this, but storing your trampoline in a shaded area during the heat of the day, or looking into a trampoline cover if shade is not available will greatly help.

Q: How difficult is it to assemble a trampoline?

A: Trampolines are not difficult to assemble at all! Provided, detailed instructions should guide you through your installation process, and you should not run into any issues. It is recommended to have a second person help assemble it, especially when it comes time to attach some of the bigger pieces like the mat. Having a second person can greatly increase the ease of installation.

Q: Do I need previous experience and training in gymnastics to use a trampoline?

A: Not in the slightest. Trampolines are beginner friendly, and are recommended for all ages, however injuries can occur if you try to jump outside of your skill level. Simple jumping will be a good start until you get used to the feel, then move on to flips and other things.

Q: What is the general weight limit of a trampoline?

A: The average weight limit varies with each shape and model of trampoline. There are many different shapes, however the popular ones are: round, rectangular, octagonal, and oval trampolines. These trampolines can vary in weight capacity from 200lbs to 450lbs depending on size, spring length and tension, and some other factors.

Where to Buy Trampolines

Trampolines are available at a wide variety of retail stores, from sporting goods stores to more general retailers such as Target and Walmart. Stores such as these usually offer decent prices on their trampolines and have a relatively wide number of choices to choose from.

There is, however, another option that generally has a large number of cheap trampolines and much wider variety of choices. This option is to purchase your trampoline online either directly from the manufacturer or from a retailer such as Amazon.

Online retailers heavily discount their price, allowing you to easily find the best trampoline for the money. If you are searching for the best deals on trampolines then you will definitely want to take a look at online stores. Online stores also offer a much wider variety of options, giving you more room to find the best trampoline to buy.

Because online stores give you a trampolines best price as well as plenty of variety, they are the best place to buy a trampoline.

Making the Decision

Making the right decisionTrampolines are without a doubt one of the best inventions for recreational exercise. A good trampoline allows you to perform acrobatics and achieve heights that you could never do on the solid ground. If they are constructed well, trampolines can be perfectly safe as well. You can also use it to improve your agility skills.

Still, before you go out and buy the first trampoline you find, take the time to consider what you are wanting to do with the trampoline, how well it is designed and constructed, and how customers who have reviewed the trampoline feel about their purchase.

By paying attention to the factors presented in this guide and considering the top trampolines and brands that were reviewed, you can easily find a great trampoline no matter what your intent. Armed with this information, go out and purchase a fun and fantastic trampoline!