Best Rectangle Trampolines

Trampolines have made a rise to popularity in recent years and many find themselves contemplating whether or not they would be worth the investment. There are many different reasons to own one, and many different applications for a trampoline.

Trampolines can be used for many different activities and purposes including adult exercise, childhood play, gymnastics, and many others not noted. The research and all necessary information has already been completed and compiled to provide you with the top models to consider when purchasing your very own trampoline.

Listed below are the top rectangular trampoline models that are recommended as well as an in-depth comparison between the round and rectangular trampolines.

Our Recommended Top 5 Rectangle Trampolines

Best Rectangle Trampolines with Net-Enclosure

Skywalker Summit 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline

Skywalker Summit 14-Foot Rectangle Trampoline

The Skywalker Summit Trampoline is an excellent choice for many different applications. There are testimonials from average users, along with trampoline company owners, who say this is a high quality durable unit that they are happy to own.

This trampoline features high quality materials, such as galvanized steel and UV protected polypropylene jumping mats, and is built to be very durable and long lasting. It weighs in on the heavier side, but due to its quality materials, you can be guaranteed it will be sturdy and stable for years of use.

This rectangle trampoline is surrounded by a six-foot-tall safety net with closable door for safety and dependability.

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Skywalker Summit 15-Foot Rectangle Trampoline

Skywalker 15’ Rectangle

The 15-foot rendition of the Skywalker Summit is the same excellent quality trampoline listed above but with the added space that the 15-foot area gives you. This trampoline has a full enclosure, which makes it perfect for competitive jumpers, as well as family fun and various other activities.

This high durable unit features reinforced steel sockets to prevent pivoting and one of the highest structural integrities available in readily available trampolines. The net features an enhanced button-hole mounting system so there are no threads or gaps to trip on and harm users when jumping.

This trampoline is made of galvanized steel and features a great jump pad and boasts about offering the highest jump height available verses conventional round trampolines.

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Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline

Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline

Another excellent choice is the Upper Bounce Trampoline. This trampoline features heavy-duty coated steel for longevity and durability. Bragging of its non-complicated hardware and assembly, it is sure to make for a headache free experience.

The Upper Bounce features vinyl covered, foam-coated support poles that extend up to the top of the net, holding tension on an enclosure rod, allowing the safety net to strap to for added safety and stability.

Featuring independently operating springs around the perimeter of the jumping mat, which is reinforced with 8 rows of stitching which offer extra preventative measures for the mat tearing, this trampoline allows for one of the highest jumping lifts available due to the allowance of each spring to stretch a different amount based on the location of the pressure.

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JumpSport Staged Bounce Trampoline

JumpSport 10' x 17' StagedBounce Trampoline

The JumpSport is a rectangular trampoline is a prime choice for those looking for a quality trampoline. This trampoline features patented technology that reduces the risk of injury by allowing the springs to all engage immediately at 50% creating a much smoother and safer jumping environment.

Made of heavy duty rolled-steel with a tough black powder coat finish, you can be sure that this trampoline will be around for many years to come, and it is backed by a 10-year frame warranty to ensure you get your use out of it for the money.

This 17 foot long trampoline has plenty of room for every age group of jumpers with the jump bed, and its 10 rows of reinforcing stitching, being able to support in excess of 800 pounds in real-world testing.

Combine this fact with the added safety features like overlapping net doors, flexing poles that are also padded with a shock absorbing foam to prevent injury upon impact, and padded and a top strap to prevent net collapse, this trampoline will make a great addition to any yard.

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AlleyOop PowerBounce Rectangular Trampoline

JumpSport AlleyOop 10'x17' PowerBounce rectangular trampoline

The PowerBounce is a definite contender for those looking for a trampoline to last. This galvanized frame is made from high quality materials that will last for years to come! Featuring a taller frame, this unit can be tailored to sustain deeper bounces. It boasts about being the only rectangular trampoline on which you can adjust for different weights, ages and skill levels. Featuring “PowerArmTM linkages,” you can adjust the response and stage the springs are engaged to, allowing for shock absorbing rebounds, sending you soaring to new heights. With included “Triple-Fail-SafeTM Enclosure System,” you can be safe inside the net while enjoying the sunshine and your new trampoline!

Rectangle Trampolines Vs Round Trampolines—Factors to Consider

Rectangular Trampolines Can Support More WeightRectangular Trampolines Can Support More Weight

Rectangular Trampolines Can Support More WeightRound Trampolines are designed different and generally for a singular person of a younger or lighter stature, so for true diversity, a rectangular trampoline is the smarter purchase. Round trampolines range in weight support from 200lbs on the low end to 400lbs on the more expensive, bigger spectrum of trampolines.

Rectangular trampolines can support between 300-450lbs for all models, which allows for multiple jumpers. This also provides less shock on your joints when jumping because the springs are made to stretch farther.

Consider Usage when Purchasing Rectangular TrampolinesConsider Usage when Purchasing Rectangular Trampolines

Consider Usage when Purchasing Rectangular TrampolinesWhile it is conventionally notated that round trampolines are suggested for recreational use, that is a subjective statement and should be evaluated deeper. Rectangular trampolines are used exclusively in the professional realm, whether that is for physical training, gymnastics, divers, etc.

As a result, if the main interest of purchasing this trampoline is to pursue such aspirations, the decision is clear. However, if the purpose of this trampoline is just for average users, for little children, and for backyard use, the choice is merely cosmetic.

Both trampolines have different safety concerns and factors to consider, so the lines of superiority become skewed based on personal preferences.

Rectangular Trampolines Can Be Safer When Compared to Round TrampolinesRectangular Trampolines Can Be Safer When Compared to Round Trampolines

Both rectangle and round trampolines have their safety concerns. Rectangular trampolines have independently operating springs so they don’t push users in one direction or the other when landing, allowing them to land where they want.

Round trampolines always force users back towards the center because of the way it’s manufactured. This can potentially increase the safety for small children or inexperienced users. This feature allows for multiple users and keeps users not jumping very high; however forcing jumpers towards the center of a trampoline can cause collisions.

Almost all trampolines give the option of attaching a mesh enclosure around the perimeter to guard against participants flying off the side and becoming injured, so this is not a major weighing factor in the decision process.

Springfree vs. Spring-Based Trampolines

Best Rectangle Trampolines

Note the Superior Performance of Rectangular Trampolines VS Round TrampolinesNote the Superior Performance of Rectangular Trampolines VS Round Trampolines

Note the Superior Performance of Rectangular Trampolines VS Round TrampolinesDue to the manufacturing procedures and the way upon which the trampoline is assembled, you receive a much more pleasurable jumping experience when using a rectangular trampoline.

Rectangular trampolines are produced in such a way that each spring around the perimeter functions independently and are able to stretch farther, thus becoming more shock absorbent and easier on joints and muscles of participants.

Rectangular trampolines also allow for higher, more elaborate jumps and a more fluid jumping motion, allowing for tricks and athletic training, which is enhanced by the longer jumping platform providing more space.

Consider the Price of Both a Round and Rectangle Trampoline Consider the Price of Both a Round and Rectangle Trampoline

Consider the Price of Both a Round and Rectangle TrampolineTrampoline prices are dependent on many factors like size, shape, composition materials, and other technical specifications and factors. Rectangular trampolines are inherently more expensive than round trampolines, but that is due to their manufacturing techniques and geometric shapes.

Circles are generally stronger overall then other shapes due to the stress of jumping being able to disperse in all directions. This, as effect, requires rectangular trampolines to have added supports and be produced in a more robust fashion.

This causes the prices of them to go up. Round trampoline companies pass some of the savings of the production on to the consumers, lowering their prices, while rectangular trampoline companies do not have that same luxury.


Trampolines have proven to be a good investment time and time again by those who are looking for a way to exercise outside with a multi-purpose tool that can be fun for all ages. Trampolines build athleticism and increased balance, and also increase personal stamina.

Jumping and exercising on a trampoline, whether round or rectangular, enhances visual response of your surroundings and help build better brain responsiveness and learning abilities, while also providing an excellent alternative to television and video games, allowing people of all ages to go do something they enjoy and get regular exercise.

Rectangular trampolines in particular make great training and conditioning equipment for many sports and activities for all ages. Armed with all of the factors to consider and reviews of the best rectangular trampolines, go and buy a great trampoline that you and your family will enjoy.

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